Have you ever heard of Pollyanna?

Pollyanna is a story about a young girl who always chooses to look on the bright side of things. She goes through hard times, but plays what she calls the “Glad Game” which is to try and find something good in literally every situation – no matter what!

When she received crutches for Christmas instead of a doll, she said, “Thank goodness I don’t have to use them!” When her mean aunt locked her up in the attic, she said, “Look at the beautiful view!”

The sad thing is, a lot of people don’t like Pollyannas! The word Pollyanna has devolved to be the positive counterpart to “Negative Nancy” and is rarely used as a compliment!

Why do so many people hate it when those around them choose to see the glass as half full? Why do so many people choose to see only the negative?

As Pollyanna said, “When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will.”

The same is true for the good. If you look for the good and try to be happy, you surely will! In reality, every single day you have the choice of whether or not you want to be happy.

There are so many excuses to be unhappy:

  • You had to wake up early and didn’t get enough sleep last night.
  • You had a fight with your spouse this morning and it put you in a bad mood.
  • Your boss chewed you out at work and your confidence is shot.
  • You didn’t get your morning coffee and you can’t focus on anything.
  • You don’t get paid until next week and have to tough out for now.
  • You slipped up on one of your goals and feel the need to beat yourself up over it.

What do all these reasons for unhappiness have in common? They all are directed at a certain circumstance or situation. They blame someone or something else for your present mood.

But this is simply untrue. No matter what your circumstances, no matter what unfortunate things may happen to you, you ALWAYS have the ability to choose whether or not you will be happy. We can never be forced into a particular mood we don’t want to feel.

That’s right. You heard me correctly. When you’re unhappy it’s because you want to be unhappy! Sometimes we choose misery because it seems easier.

We can throw a pity party and hope that others will join in and validate our misery. We don’t have to take any action if we choose misery. We don’t have to do anything to improve our situation. We can wallow in self-loathing and eek out our existence without ever having to lift a finger for our own well being.

Or, we can choose a life of happiness, joy, and love. When misfortune comes our way, we can be like Pollyanna and find the silver lining. Sure, it’s a little bit more work, but the rewards are infinite.

Our purpose in life isn’t to be miserable: it’s to experience JOY.

Try it out! Choose to be happy today no matter what comes your way. Trust me, being happy is much more fun than being miserable. When you choose happiness, everything you hope for, all your desires, will naturally fall into place. You will have the life you want.