One of the fastest and more effective ways to develop a new belief system, and get rid of old ones is with the PERSONAL DECLARATION STATEMENT.

For the past 20 years, I have started off almost every single day with a Personal Declaration Statement. I read this to myself with conviction right after I Set my Intent for the day.

The Personal Declaration Statement is a living document that you modify often—it represents your hopes, goals, dreams and a listing of who you are at your core. The Personal Declaration Statement is the TRUTH of you.

When you read this Statement each day, you are shutting down the voice of The Bully. Imagine when The Bully starts telling you in the afternoon:

“I am tired – I need an energy drink”

What happens when you hear this voice? You probably go grab an energy drink!

If you have already read your Personal Declaration Statement for the day, you may have said:

“I am FULL of energy today!”

So now, when that thought about the energy drink comes in your mind, you can go right back to your Personal Declaration Statement and you’ll remember…

“Oh yeah, I don’t need an energy drink, because I am FULL of energy today!”

I know, it sounds so simple—and that’s because it is.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as your build your own Personal Declaration Statement:

  • Go big. You are Ghandi, Alexander the Great, Einstein.
  • No limits. If you had endless supply of money, power, and potential, what would you do with your time? Guess what? You do!
  • Give it time. This is a living document. Let it grow and change
  • Ask others. Choose a few people you trust to help you see who you truly are and what you have to offer the world.
  • Build your dream. Don’t hold anything back. Don’t be ashamed to have material thoughts and desires. You deserve health, wealth, and happiness!

Here is an example from a good friend and client of mine so you can get the idea:


I, (NAME), am going to have an epic day! I inspire and motivate those around me! I am actively completing the things that are both important short term AND long term. I am full of energy, have a clear mind, have plenty of time to complete my projects and feel healthy inside and out.

I, (NAME), am a masterful creator. I create products and services that provide huge value to the people I work with

I have the ability to choose. I CHOOSE to create energy, warmth, acceptance, productivity and good vibes

I am powerful beyond measure. I can create ANYTHING I set my mind on and I constantly tap into the divine power around me.

I, (NAME), am wealthy with positive monthly cash flow. I have a strong, healthy savings account and I make the investments I want. I drive the cars I want, live in the house I want, wear what I want, travel where I want, and am very generous with my friends and in the community.

I am a loyal friend! I am kind to everyone. I am filled with light, knowledge and power. God, the creator of all things, is my Father and my personal mentor. He teaches me daily how to tap into inspiration and attract all good things. As I do this, I can create ANYTHING.

I am one of the most highly sought-after personalities, leaders, and individuals. Companies apply to work with me and investors, venture capital and private equity groups seek me out and ask for my opinions.

I have amazing relationships with my wife and my family. I constantly go above and beyond with my wife and we have a legendary relationship—full of love and growth. I bring love and understanding, acceptance, and compassion into every interaction I have. I am filled with love always.

I am a good person.


As you can see, his intention statement is very specific to him and what he is working on. As different projects and priorities come up, he may add them in and some stuff may change. But in the end, the ideas in here are universal, long-lasting principles.

So, what’s next? Get going!

You will love the extra power you will have each day as you read your Personal Declaration Statement. Remember, you need to read them with POWER and CONVICTION.

As you write your Personal Declaration Statements, I would love to see them. If you feel like sharing, please email a copy to

(Feel free to block your names out so I can share them.)

— Todd