Welcome Paul Cardall! Growing up with health issues from the time he was born, his parents were told several times that he would not live very long. His parents believed otherwise and taught Paul at a very young age to manifest what he wants in his life. ‘Survive!’ he was told by his dad.  Not only did he survive, but he has also gone on to touch the world through his amazing life. To say Paul is incredible would be an understatement.

Paul Cardall is currently one of America’s most successful independent artists.  A gifted pianist and prolific composer, Cardall spans many genres including Classical Crossover, Contemporary Christian and New Age, and in doing so has garnered 4 #1 albums on the Billboard charts.  His roles as an award-winning film composer, musician and producer, have found him collaborating with such stellar artists as CeCe Winans, Audrey Assad, The Piano Guys Ellee Duke, Kenz Hall, and more.  Now, with more than 2 BILLION lifetime digital streams, he currently averages over 25 million streams monthly.  Millions of fans around the world find great comfort in Cardall’s melodies, which are born out of his passion to help others overcome hardship utilizing the great healing power of music.  This is what drives Paul Cardall. Through music he draws wisdom, depth and understanding to heal the hearts and minds of listeners.

With permission from Paul, the opening song on his Beliefcast is Scarborough Fair from his award-winning album Faithful and the closing song is from his newly released album, Christmas, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” that is sure to be a #1 hit. Thank you, Paul, for sharing your life with us. #PaulCardall #paulpower #Christmas #beliefcast #tsinspires #healing #love #faith #hope #CeCeWinans #AudreyAssad #PatriceTipoki  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-40-paul-cardall/id1333144561?i=1000423229115&mt=2