Wherever you are – right now – you are not going to stay there.

Just like Marty McFly, we’re all sitting behind the wheel of our very own time machines. But unlike the iconic DeLorean from the Back to The Future trilogy, our time machine’s are permanently set to the same destination: the future.

When considering our own future, it’s easy to expect the worst. After, all, even Marty’s future was full of trouble (like getting fired and giving the Sports Almanac to Biff, who travels back in time and ruins everything).

But reality is a lot different than the movies. And when we’re stuck in a mindset of expecting the worst, we end up experiencing the worst… whether it happens or not.

I call this mindset (or belief system) “Future Trippin’.”

Your life may be in a rough place right now. You may feel like things are crumbling around you. And if you do, you’re certainly not alone. But here’s the thing you need to remember…

Wherever you are, you are not going to stay there. Right now is only right now.

There are those who will try to convince you that biography is destiny, that our past dictates our future. But that’s simply not true. The real truth is that CHOICE is the ultimate power. And every single one of us has the power to choose the future that we want.

There’s another story I love… the tale of a wise, old sage who whispered the exact same four words into ear of a poor beggar and the ear of a rich, young ruler. When hearing these words, the beggar cheered for joy while the ruler fell to his knees, terrified.

So what did the wise man whisper to these men?

“This too shall pass.”

To the future tripper who lives in fear that the next day, or the next week, or the next year will be one of addiction, failure, and sadness, I would add to that these words: “This will not come to pass.”

You are in control. You are worthy of happiness and peace. You can make choices, right now, that will change the course of your future. You will receive it as you decide to create it. Your future is a blank sheet of paper in a typewriter.

Live today by writing the future you want.

Todd Sylvester